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Exhibition at MiraCosta College - October 2002
the Humanity Series - 2003

Digital Paintings - 2004 through 4/30/2005
Digital Paintings - through 4/30/2006

Digital Paintings - through 7/31/2006

New Paintings Through July/2010

Some Times a Lighter Side

Bold and Balanced

Bold and Beyond 1

Bold and Beyond 2


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About my work of 2003 through April 2005

The Abstract Expressionists gave us the purest expressions of being unencumbered by words. Living and acting through paint.

Many years ago when I was writing about organic design, I realized that viewing the outside of things is only an experience of the surface, and I was looking for something greater and deeper. So, at that time, I chose to write computer programs that drew organic forms from knowledge of their structure, and I felt closer to organic reality.

My art of the past few years has been evolving toward a new controlled complexity. With the iconic figures of 2003 I was dealing with more than an outward likeness of people. I was adjusting the shape, rhythm and color of the figures to provoke a deep response in myself and the viewer, using a language of sight to help us know about our humanity.

Then, in 2004, as my painting turned more toward abstraction and a re-formation of landscape themes, I again worked to get beneath the surface look of things. In these new paintings I have generally been working in layers, making an initial image and then painting over it with a second layer that learns from the first one. I often leave some of the initial forms and spaces but simplify or reshape as necessary while finding new insight and new form.

These new works, at moments, are lean with a growing language of organic strength, and at other times, exuberant with strong color and underlying complexity.

Howard Ganz
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Costanoa First Revision



Heavy Masses




Re-formation on Blue




Through Space



Costanoa Re-formed




Cosmic Table





Cosmic Interaction





From Darkness




Convergence Evolution



I find digital techniques of art making to be the most inspiring we have invented. This medium allows me the greatest freedom to be myself and provides the most powerful tools to reach the depths that I feel and know.


Howard Ganz