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Exhibition at MiraCosta College - October 2002
the Humanity Series - 2003

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Reeds Water Land Sky
This is a work with quiet comfortable forms and colors.  However, there is a quiet but sizzling contrast between the dull yellow and the violet sides of the land. And the sky is boiling.
Evening Fantasy
Here I show romantic richness in the rather bright but dark colors of a moon lit night.
Imagined Impression
This is a calm plane with subtle harmonies of pattern and color. Grays create a stability from which other colors and values emerge.
Colorful Pond
I did an oil painting from a pond at Quail Gardens.  This is a second approach to the same subject done from memory.  It's very active in pattern and color. There are many flickering lights and brush strokes. It walks a line between confusion and order, but I think I maintained a high energy order.
Stone Arch
This is from memory of many natural stone arches I've seen in the Southwest.  I was able to keep fresh stokes, and well ordered form.  I am particularly excited by the nerve and strength of putting the yellow line down the inside of the arch.
Playful Gorge
Here is a relatively simple painting. Yet, its simplicity makes it strong and direct.  It is particularly effective in the large giclee, printed version.

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Filtered Light
This painting is drawn from my memory of the diffuse light that filters into a narrow canyon.  It is an abstract impression concerned mostly with atmosphere and color patterns.
Sparkling Contrast
The sparkling contrast between a tree caught in sunlight and a dark red mesa was in my mind, as  I developed the rich color of  this image.  Then I dealt more fancifully with the patterns of the foreground.
Lightning Storm
Rich dim light and zigzag lines, it looks like a storm.  I am fascinated by the energy of this image, these moving strokes and colors.  I didn't cover-up the actions of my hand.
California Coastline
Those long banks of clouds hang over the California Coast.  I used my memory of them to set up a complementary color scheme for this moody image.  The city forms below became abstractions allowing me to play with patterns and colors.
Storybook Land
A little storybook land came from my memory of painting on site at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  I enjoyed the patterns of cuts through the land from erosion or just from my imagination.
Late Light
At dusk or dawn the angled light colors and shapes the land and sky.  These forms setup my memory of this kind of landscape.  I don't know if it's on Earth or somewhere else.

This is a dreamy painting, from memory, which suggests transitions from the more solid forms of the foreground through sands, waters and billowy pinks to the pink and blue ethers at the top. I had fun playing with subtleties of natural rhythms and exposed calligraphy.
River Scene
River scenes, light, direct brushwork and rocks were in my mind, but also cross patterns and value transitions.  It's a wonder it became so unified and clearly stated.
Platform In the Desert
I remembered a strange platform in a watershed just above Sedona.  But it's the rhythms of the desert patches and plants in a simple direct painting that interested me most.
Light Color Line
Experimenting with some new computer painting tools led to this conjunction of glowing light, color, and line.  Though the tools were new the sky, water, land and building forms are eternal.
Strong Color Tight Composition
This painting shows strong, active color and gesture with tight knitting of its forms and composition.
Desert Scribbles Patches
Here I've restated the desert landscape in terms of scribbles and patches of color.  I'm playing with the reality  I see outside and the reality I make with my mind, hands and paint.

Maybe from the Seashore
This reminds me of sand dunes and other patterns along a seashore, but  its reality is centered more in its own abstraction than exact forms taken from nature.
I was thinking of space growing outward from the center of a ring in a landscape setting.  It turned out like a blossom.
Dark Sky Bright Land
As the sun gets low in the sky the land opposite it is illuminated. Then I became involved in abstractions of patterns and colors in the land.
Golden Light
This is another painting inspired by the golden light of the sun, simple direct colors and thick lines of purple.
Delicate Plane
A simple flat plane of land, playing with the patterns of growing things and atmosphere.
Rocky Hills
This painting is from thoughts of hills in red rock country, subtle changes in mounds, rocks, color and brushwork.