Artist Finding Audience, Audience Finding Artist.

A great thing about the Internet for an artist is its potential for attracting an interested audience. Of course, I am thinking about this at a personal level.

I present work that makes its statement in color and abstraction. It is generally set in a landscape format, but the presentation of order is somewhere between real objective order and the subjective songs of my mind and heart. Though I have had serious academic art training which I hope shows in my work, I trust my personal sensitivity rather than rules of form and style.

The heart of my painting is that it engages the viewer at a level of life energy caught in the rhythms of the colors and patterns. The closest we could come to an objective description of this kind of form is with fractal mathematics. Though I believe fractal mathematics is a good descriptive system for organic form, what an artist can do intuitively is beyond that. So, without alluding to mysticism, I speak of life energy caught in the patterns of my paintings.

I don’t think of literary stories or subjects in my paintings, though I realize that art is often coupled with literature and history. My paintings often evoke moods. My experience is that obvious literary stories over power the subtleties and dynamics of my paintings. Actually, the subjects of my paintings are born from an association with paint and a lifetime of looking and seeing rather than from the language arts, dramatics, politics or history.

As I begin the endeavor of this web site I hope to find my audience, one that I can paint to from my heart, an audience that can read my paintings, that can sense what is happening, that can be as turned on by my art as I was when I made it.

Howard Ganz

June 24, 1999