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All images are copyrighted by Howard Ganz and may not be reproduced without written consent.



For the past year I have turned towards "Humanity" as the subject of my art. I've come to believe that our spirituality is seeded deep in the Universe --- that we are not an exception in the awesome physical and temporal scales we face when trying to fathom our possible cosmic birthing realm.

The result has been to create icon-like images showing aspects of our spirituality --- moving, floating, being --- in cosmic environments both on and off the Earth.

The following comments are encouragements and insights about how to approach these paintings. But, in spite of my words, I realize that your experience must be founded in the works themselves, their constructs and style. You must connect with the forms in the paintings to avoid ungrounded romantic or imaginary flights of fancy which may have little to do with the actual works. Romanticism and imagination are fine during the viewing experience when you remain connected to what you are looking at.




The ultimate meaning of any art is really up to the viewer, but I can say that in this Humanity series I am going beyond the surface recognition that we use to identify things around us. These new images carve meanings deeper than the surfaces we see when greeting a friend or finding our way through an environment.

I wish to involve you, the viewer, in matters of heart, mind and emotion. I wish to hold you in tensions between easy recognition of what is and intuitive notions of what might be. I wish to present colors and forms of what might be deeper than the surface --- colors and forms that speak to your heart --- colors and forms that speak to truth, not through words, but through our senses.

You have to sense --- with your eyes, mind, heart and mentality --- as I did when I painted.




Perhaps I should have titled this "Underland" rather than "Gnome". The Overland painting started from my feelings about the land and those who live with it. I think the painting speaks about the power of the land and it's people. But don't just accept my words. See and feel what it expresses to you. See the colors and shapes. See the painting.

"Gnome" came from feelings of earthiness --- soft damp ground, rich green plants, seeds blossoms jewels --- and imagining the kind of being who might live in the riches of this environment.




"Cosmic Production" presents an icon of a human as one of the creative forces in the Universe.




"Uncertain Union" presents two people floating. Perhaps they are coming in contact, perhaps not. Perhaps you see them as uniting, perhaps not. Perhaps they are free, perhaps not. Perhaps they are real, perhaps not. Perhaps I am explaining the painting, perhaps not.



I have intended that this be a person rising in liquid, atmosphere or either --- a transcendence of place, state or being.




Aweful rapture: to experience cosmic forces of such colossal power, scale and influence that one is astonished by their beauty and in horror of ones position of physical jeopardy and diminished stature.




I find digital techniques of art making to be the most inspiring we have invented. This medium allows me the greatest freedom to be myself and provides the most powerful tools to reach for the stars.


Howard Ganz
January 15, 2004