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Exhibition at MiraCosta College - October 2002
the Humanity Series - 2003

Digital Paintings - 2004 through 4/30/2005
Digital Paintings - through 4/30/2006

Digital Paintings - through 7/31/2006

New Paintings Through July/2010

Some Times a Lighter Side

Bold and Balanced

Bold and Beyond 1

Bold and Beyond 2



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Though I use computer technology to make my paintings, my aesthetic is closer
to the traditions of painting and my personal vision than to digital technology.
Digital technology enables great technical facility and multiple perspectives of
the work as it develops, but my inspiration and mentality are deep in my heart,
mind and hand.

In my most recent paintings the subjects are moments from the ever changing dance of existence: a reality of mind, heart and universe.

These painted moments are a direct visual language where the color and form speaks to our eyes.

For me these paintings present realities of domains, objects and interactions. Like growth, decay, evolution, conflict, dominance, footholds, cleansings, courting, rejection, adventure, resonance.

And in our world of continuous transitions, even though we have the technology to make art which is also in continuous transition, I still have a need to make paintings that focus on a single moment, lasting until entropy drags them to who knows where.

Howard Ganz
760 724-0492



New Paintings Through July 2006




On The Cusp




Approaching Distinctions





Colorful Paths










Chaotic Medley





Chaotic Medley 2





Getting Alive





Platforms of Distinction





Reflections and Meditations





Sea of Transformation