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New in February 2001

Turbulent Wave

I've been watching some stormy seas along the California coast, and I composed this painting of a wave. But it's a turbulent wave.

Large Clouds and Hillside

Darks, soft colors and bright highlights. I was interested in the dark airiness of the atmosphere, the crisp lights and rolling clouds and hills.

Sheer Cliff and Tree

An imaginary windswept tree along a sheer cliff. Strength, gesture, excitement, survival are thoughts for this painting.

Stones Ocean Rays

Besides being a painting of the ocean this a study of blues with dark sketchy rocks and a green stripe of color like an aura between the rocks and water.

Soft Ocean Sunset

So frequently at dusk the atmosphere of sky and ocean takes on these delicate hues.

Ocean Storm in Color

It was a fierce sky, very dark, dropping from above. I interpret its roiling strength as color rather than shades of gray.

Landscape with Carnival

I can't help being playful at times. This is a landscape made up of brush stroke textures and calligraphic lines. It is somewhat real in its appearance. but I had to put in the somewhat geometric, colorful shapes in the left background. It could be a carnival.

New in December 2000

Clouds and Surf

I painted this using some of my digital photos, but I didn't look at the photos as I painted which allowed me to place and shape the forms as I wished.

Sketchy Southwest View

This is totally from memory and quite fluid and relaxed.

Rocky Cliffs Above Blue Water

Dynamic color, receding diagonals, massive stones, clear blues.

Rocks Lines Red Blue

Exciting patterns of blocks, lines, colors and sky. I guess I love red - at least in this painting.

New in May 2000

Southwest Vista

This is from memory of a highway, just past Capital Reef National Park, that traveled along a beautiful stream for about a hundred miles.

Southwest Vista 2

I continued to work on Southwest Vista, and I like both versions.

Breeding Pool
This started by playing with flowing colors in my often used palette of dark oranges, blue violets and greens. The rising vents and plant-like forms just evolved as I worked.
Magic Quarry
I had the notion of magical colors and reflections of rock walls at the beginning of this work. It is a similar subject  to "Breeding Pool" but a different process and more rectangular result.
Churning Clouds
This painting started from a study of wonderful clouds in the desert, painted with acrylic on paper. Though I never completed the original painting, I did it over from memory on the computer and this is the result.
This is an imagined view of land and water in a very fluid union.
Desert Duet
Compare the rock and plant forms. A duality, but not completely different. Yet for me it was an experience of joy and playfulness with colorful calligraphy.
Earth's Richness 2
This is the second version of  "Earths Richness". The first was started at Torrey Pines and completed in my studio as acrylic on canvas. This version was painted from memory on my computer.