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Exhibition at MiraCosta College - October 2002
the Humanity Series - 2003

Digital Paintings - 2004 through 4/30/2005
Digital Paintings - through 4/30/2006


If you want to read "Organic Design" click on part 1, part 2 or part 3. You can read it on your computer or I give you permission to print out the pages and read it in hard copy. Howard Ganz.

PDF files of my book, "Organic Design" in three parts:   Part 1   Part 2    Part 3

This is the preface to my 2007 reprinting of Organic Design

         In 1977 I wrote “Organic Design” because at that time many artists and architects were doing works that were termed, organic. And I didn't think anyone made an adequate definition of the term. I thought that I could influence our civilization to stop building boxes and square cities. I thought I could help us understand our Earth environment, our need to respect it and stay connected to it as we continue our civilization and evolution. To this day much of my art personality has been a result of this book.
        I wrote about a basic reality at the core of existence, a triad of spirit, abstraction and concreteness. I applied this theory to how processes perform. and to our performance as creative beings. I presented Ideas and drawings showing how rounded forms, linear progressions and branching patterns occur. I also wrote about perceptual knowledge and how we can learn through visual experience and other sensory experiences, not just through words. And I continued to issues of how we can construct an environment nurturing to us as we build our homes and cities.
         Now in 2007, and certainly earlier, I realize that our culture has not followed my lead. Art today is seriously involved with city life and the human condition, negotiating the mechanical structures we built in the space of our cities and in our mental concepts. We are still building our environments with boxes and overlooking the possibilities to be more sensitive to our organic nature and our need for inspiration.
         City life and the human condition are important subjects. But looking for our beginnings and for where we could be going is also extremely important. And what better medium than art is there to show us the dimensions of our reality and to help us experience them. I think I've made a good start, as my continuing work demonstrates more possibilities --- and not with diagrams as in the book, but with continually growing inspiration.
         Though I have grown and gone many new directions since 1977, this book still is a core from which I have come. It shows my personality and direction at that time. And it is a help in understanding the continuity of my work and my current abstractions. As my output continues and my work is experienced by more people the consensus of who I am will develop and become more clear, as will the understanding of my art. I see many years of continued work ahead.


This is a diagram of developing complexity from my book, Organic Design from 1977.

This is my painting, "Blue Attractor" from 2006.