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Exhibition at MiraCosta College - October 2002
The Humanity Series - 2003

Digital Paintings - 2004 through 4/30/2005
Digital Paintings - through 4/30/2006

Digital Paintings - through 7/31/2006

New Paintings Through July/2010

Some Times a Lighter Side

Bold and Balanced

Bold and Beyond 1

Bold and Beyond 2

A number of artists have written glowing comments about my work.


 These paintings of yours are so good, they're probably illegal in many
jurisdictions. I don't know how you make color so quiet and orderly and
luscious, but it's exactly perfect. I've always been partial to color at the
other end of the scale: super-saturated and lively and overwrought, so  I
have to work hard to achieve even half the subtlety you seem to toss off
effortlessly. These are paintings to be revisited again and again, and
they'll doubtless make me think, "I wish I'd done that," over and over, too.

Do please keep up all the good work and live a very long  life.
James Stillwater
Mr. Ganz:
I grew up in inner-city New York, watching westerns on TV and dreamed of
being a cowboy. I became a cattle rancher out west and did that for seven

Your work not only moves me tremendously, awes me with its technique, but
also, reminds me of those western vistas I love. Something about your
paintings really translates directly into a private language that I speak
and feel. Something tells me, though I could be wrong, that you feel deep
inside that these places are far more important than humans. I thought I
was alone in not being species biased.

I would be proud to have your work in the Museum of Internet Art.
Robert Talon

Dear Howard:

I looked at your website. The work looks really, really great. That's the way
I would do landscapes if I painted them. I especially like the way you've
taken elements of form and represented them as color and/or shape. I don't
like landscapes that depict every leaf, etc. I don't believe that any of us
can or should try to copy nature, which you certainly don't attempt to do, but
your interpretation is wonderful. You also have a lot of movement within the
paintings which I personally try to get into my horse paintings.

Keep up the great work!
Sharon Crute



I was just browsing the net looking at interesting work - and yours jumped
out at me. I'm also a painter and when I see images that grab me - I must
send the author a note of appreciation.

Fraternally yours,
Don Sproule