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Exhibition at MiraCosta College - October 2002
The Humanity Series - 2003

Digital Paintings - 2004 through 4/30/2005
Digital Paintings - through 4/30/2006

Digital Paintings - through 7/31/2006

New Paintings Through July/2010

Some Times a Lighter Side

Bold and Balanced

Bold and Beyond 1

Bold and Beyond 2


This is a forum to present ideas about art in general and my art in particular. The following are some topics I might write about. If the topics are underlined they are linked to my writing. If not, I have not written about them yet.


 Artist Finding Audience, Audience Finding Artist

Where I’m Coming From My Prejudices

What is it That I Share With a Physicist?

The Alchemy of My Painting

Art is a Personal Journey

Critics, Markers of Significance

Elitism in Me and in The Art World

What is The Subject?

Where do You See The Reality?

The Benefit and Baggage of History

Painting is Above Words and Ideas

Fear of Painting Without Form

A Statement About My Art and Giclee Prints